33 notable mobile games released in May 2020 you may have missed

33 notable mobile games released in May 2020 you may have missed

Maxon Pugovsky is a Ukrainian expat living in Saigon, also a Mobile Games Producer at Gameloft.

The world of mobile games is ever changing, with a constant stream of new releases flooding the various app stores. 

In such a world of plenty, many notable releases can slip under the radar, hence this regular list, highlighting the most interesting releases over the past month. 

It's broken down in various thematic sections, making it easier to see what's going on. 

Curated by Maxon Pugovsky, this is an edited version of his regular roundups on Medium.

You can also check out the list for previous months here



Iconic racing franchise comes to mobile.

Kart racing in Mario Kart style.

Merging of fantasy objects and narrative with characters from classic fairy tales.

Hero collecting RPG with 3D graphics and anime style art-direction.

New drawing adventure game in a popular series.

Word game from Argentinian developers of hit Trivia Crack.

Slingshot hockey game from the studio owned by Supercell.

Match-3 with building/restoration meta.



Cooking time manager in Diner Dash style with Nickelodeon franchise.

Official Olympic mobile game is here in spite of the Olympics cancellation. Collection of mini-games with Sonic and friends.

An idle game where you build your popularity by managing the social life of a teenager in the 80s.

Place food on a plate in a fancy way, like in a TV show.

Tower defence with license of children fantasy novels Beast Quest.

Word game based on a TV show.

Hypercasual runner from the shaving brand. If you are actively playing the game, the brand is donating money to St. Baldrick’s Foundation for childhood cancer research.



Build and chain Factorio-styled conveyors to produce different stuff in a post-apocalyptic world.

Merging puzzler with cute characters.

Shoot’em up with nordic themed archers.

Adventures of cat Kiki on a tropical island.

Multiplayer 2D-shooter, where everyone is invisible. You see enemies’ traces when they move and shoot. Crossplay with consoles and was originally released on Steam in February 2017.



Visual novel about searching for connection.

Full Motion Video RPG game about escape from a dungeon, although on video you will see only the narrator. Interactive video realisation of the gamebook by Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop.

Premium version of F2P sci-fi third-person shooter.

  • BE-A Walker (Tequilabyte Studio/Games Operators, $4.99)

Side-scrolling shooter. You’re a giant walking robot, destroy all humans.

Rogue-like twin-stick shooter where you fight against mischievous fruits.

Historical strategy about managing resistance cell in Nazi Germany in 1930s. 

Post-apocalyptic RPG inspired by old-school Fallout 1 & 2. Funded on Kickstarter and available on Steam since December 2018.

Remake of Japanese visual novel released on consoles 10 years ago.



Digital board game, where characters fight against Otherside monsters. Inspired by Stranger Things.

Platformer, where character investigates a strange world after waking up from a coma.

Puzzle adventure from creators of indie hit GNOG.

First person dungeon crawler.

Side scrolling endless runner with SpongeBob and his friends.



Malasian indie studio Kaigan Games, which behind Simulacra detective dig-into-the-victim’s-phone games, will develop a similar horror game for the Doctor Who franchise.

Remake of jRPG released on Nintendo GameCube in 2003.


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