Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Childlike Looking and Wonder

There are non dual consciousness of spiritual awakening that a number of teachers seem to agree upon. One of them is a regained sense of awe and wonder at the miracle of life.

A Mystery To Be Lived

When the a sense of separation falls away, life once again becomes playful. This play is very familiar to us, it’s the play of childhood. Suddenly the world sometimes appears through eyes that are wide open, non-judgmental, non-analytical and non-conceptual. In a way, it’s a get back not knowing, from where the wonder of much more simple re-discovered. So although we know conceptually what something is or if we play the bet on labelling the world, feelings and experiences, the mystery still remains.

In the end, that’s all this is: a mystery to be lived.

Without only a conceptual understanding or view of the world, we are reunited with awe and wonder. The miracle of a flower blooming or of rain falling or a lover smiling is had been apparent. In fact, it is seen that there basically miracles. Finding the extraordinariness in the standard brings an experience of everyday joy to our own lives. Even dark-colored areas of feelings like sadness or boredom can be viewed with a form of childlike wonder.

Be As Little Children

What also has a tendency to fall away your recognition of oneness is any need to escape present experience or to argue with it. Extended are we insisting that reality be other than memory foam cover. Free from identification with the separate self, present reality can show up in any form and still be viewed as an utter mystery. In truth, we really don’t know what this is even with words to describe it.

When we look freshly at feelings like sadness or anger or guilt or frustration, find they are as steeped in mystery as the hidden depths of the cosmos. This is often a humbling experience once we stand in total awe of the miracle of everyday activities unfolding. We are (as Jesus suggested we be) as little children, living in the now with no conclusions about the mystery of life.

I have spent a great deal of time in my own life completely captivated by the most ordinary and everyday objects and practice. Simply breathing in and out can be a fun experience when fully embraced and observed. This sense of awe and wonder comes just from seeing and experiencing life as if for the first time. We are newcomers again, re-discovering the world around us as well as the world within.

The Delight of this Ordinary

Recently, I drove into the coastal city of Portsmouth in the south of England near where I live and was in awe of the beauty of your ships lit up like Christmas trees in the ferry port. I have noticed this sight many times, but your evening I saw because if for one time and was filled with an expression of wonder and delight. I laughed out loud in the feeling of ecstatic pleasure I experienced at seeing such a.

Waking up towards the truth and factor about the world around and within us is often impossible to describe. But this sense of childlike wonder is usual to many who report a spiritual awakening.